Billy's parents (Billy G. Bell, Sr. and Sandra K. Bell) had big trucks his whole life. During that time, Billy would help his father work on and repair the large truck. That was the beginning of his interest in body repair. When Billy was 19, he decided to attend Wallace Community College for Body repair. Upon finishing the program, he began restoring old cars, repairing big rigs, and other project cars at the shop located behind his home. Billy moved to Dothan in 1990 and began working for Kenworth of Dothan as the shop foreman where he was responsible for the timely and accurate repairs of the big rigs. In 1996, Billy met his wife, Pamela, and they were married in 1997. During this time, Billy began to prepare for his dream of owning his own shop. Starting in a 30 x 50 shop big enough for diesels to fit, Billy started working on the side for various customers. In January 1999 Billy and Pam began the construction of their current building on Highway 431. The shop was completed and opened in July of 1999. Since then, they have expanded from the original three bays to an additional four bays with concrete already poured for four more bays in the future. They have a big rig paint booth and car paint booth in the last two bays of current shop. In 1996 Jeff Bell, Billy's son, decided that he wanted to be a part of body shop repair and attended Wallace Community College where he graduated from the technical program and has been with us ever since as the shop foreman and an integral part of the company. Robert and Bobby have been with them since 2000 where Bobby and Jeff do all the painting as a team.